Interior Design: Paul Bishop
Indoor: 138 sqm
Outdoors: 440 sqm
Location: Dubai


In his capacity as Managing Director for D.Ream, Ryan launched Nusr-Et into the UAE market. Combining the signature dishes of the Turkish original with a range of top quality steaks, unprecedented quality service, and a boutique concept, Nusr-Et brought unprecedented flair to the steakhouse culture, still enjoying unwavering custom from its guests.

The restaurant represents the first international expansion of butcher and meat specialist Nusret Gökçe. With six existing venues in Turkey, Nusret turned his sights to the UAE, where every piece of beef and lamb passes Gökçe’s personal inspection before making it to the grill. This detailed process of selecting, cutting, preparing and serving meat is at the heart of the Nusret concept, who is known for developing a range of signature dishes including asado ribs, beef spaghetti, grilled meatballs and the ‘Nusret Special’.